IInternal Audit

Equipment Holding Company Board of Director recognized the need to protect shareholder’s assets, establish transparency policy, add value, comply with the legal requirements and to manage the risks through the organization, they spared no effort nor cost in establishing the setup and facilitate the resources to achieve the highest expectations of shareholders.

Risk Management

Provide reliable, valued assurance to the Board of Directors over the effectiveness of controls mitigating current and evolving high risks and in so doing enhancing the controls culture all over the organization.

Add value as a facilitator in business risk management, supporting the operating business units to develop robust control processes and following up the implementation of these processes.

Internal Controls

1. Providing authenticity, transparency, fairness and security for Equipment Holding Company Shareholders.
2. Avoiding conflicts of interest in dealing with Equipment Holding Company related parties.
3. Protect shareholder’s assets through the independent appraisal of the effectiveness of policies, procedures and standards that manages financial, physical and information resources of the organization.
4. Establish and develop of Equipment Holding Company's controls.
5. Advise audit feasible, practical and cost-efficient recommendations.
6. Assist in conducting investigations in fraud and other cases and perform special assignments as and when required.
7. Raise the operations standards, enhance process workflow and management competencies.
8. Contributing to social responsibilities.

Company Operational Manuals and Policies & Procedures:
A. Department Manuals:

1. Safety Policies & Procedures 
2. Operations Policies & Procedures
3. Finance Policies & Procedures
4. HR & Administration Policies & Procedures
5. Management Information System Policies & Procedures
6. Maintenance Policies & Procedures
7. Transportation Policies & Procedures
8. Catering Policies & Procedures

B. Delegation of Authorities:

1. BOD
2. Executives

C. Organizational Structure
D. Code of Ethics and Conduct

Internal Audit: Rödl & Partner
External Audit: Rödl & Partner
Legal Advisor: Ali Al Khamis Legal Consultants
Legal and Compliance:
  1. Ministry Of Commerce (MOC)
  2. Capital Market Authority (CMA) Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE)