"In my capacity as Chairman of Equipment Holding Company and on behalf of fellow members of the Board of Directors of the Company, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the Company’s Corporate Profile.

Equipment Holding Company is a national Kuwaiti company established in 1999. The company has taken upon itself the best special products of the highest quality for the local market.

The company carries on its business through its arms covering the various economic aspects. These arms are: Equipment Company W.L.L and Al Khada International Company.

Over the long history of the company, which has been going on for almost more than half a century, we have been able to achieve a range of unprecedented achievements and developed strong relationships with well-known international partners. Today, the company has the largest share of global agencies in equipment, maintenance and construction projects.

Our main goal is to provide all our customers with products and services, and you will find the highly qualified staff of the company who have dedicated themselves to doing their best to provide the best products and services.

In spite of the company's achievements, it still has more goals to achieve, namely acquisition of high-value projects.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the company's determination to continue its progress and success while continuing to ensure quality, credibility and excellence. I am sure that our company will become one of the largest successful regional companies thanks to its long experience, dedication and dedication.

In the following pages you will find an overview of the true size of the company, its activities, objectives, projects and subsidiaries.

We hope that we will cooperate in our future. "
Chairman of Board of Directors